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Discussion in 'Preparedness & Survival' started by Sun195, Aug 28, 2010.

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    I’ve always had SOS food bars in my emergency supplies. They provide 2400 calories in a compact, relatively indestructible package with a shelf life of 5+ years. Here’s a brief review of this product.

    Each “brick” comes packaged in grease-proof, water/vapor-proof MIL-B-131 foil material. They measure about 4 ¼” x 3 ½” x 2”. However, the extra packaging “flanges” can sometimes take up more room.


    Within each package are six individually wrapped mini-bars. This makes it easier to spread the package over a day of meals or share/barter them with other people. Two of these mini-bars provides a serving of 409 calories w/ 8g of protein, 53g of carbohydrate, 19g of fat and 0.5mg of sodium. They are made of wheat flour, vegetable shortening, sugar, coconut, corn starch, corn syrup & vitamins – yum, yum. These are made to be “life raft” rations, so their low sodium content is not supposed to generate thirst. They also comply with Halal and Vegetarian requirements, if that’s important to you. Their low moisture content is supposed to resist freezing.


    No preparation is required to eat these. However, they can be mixed with liquids for drinking or mashed into a porridge The bars actually taste pretty good – sort of a shortbread consistency & taste with a little hint of coconut. When I first purchased these years ago, I thought that taste didn’t matter. After all, if you need to eat this food, things will probably be so bad that any food will taste good. However, I wouldn’t feel too bad living off of these for a few days.


    Each brick costs $3.65, but you can get better deals if you buy cases of 20 or more. They also sell a 3600 calorie brick (9 bars, $4.65), but I figure that 2400 calories is probably a normal daily diet for most people. I’ve always bought them from Emergency Preparedness Service in Seattle, but I imagine that you can find them elsewhere on the internet.

    So, if you are looking for a simple, durable food supply for your emergency kit or car, you might want to consider these.
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    This is a nice write-up Sun195....much appreciated.
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    :thumbup: Sun thanks for the write up. I have been thinking of picking some of these up and now I am for sure;) Thanks again!
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    Decent I will grab some of these for the car
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    Purchased some of these 4 years ago and kept them in the car. Found myself getting the kids to a late practice after a long afternoon and before dinner. They seldom complain but they were hungry and we had no time. sounded like an emergency to me......

    Broke into the bars. I enjoyed them, but the kids ate half and said they were full. I guess this solved the problem for the evening but it is a good lesson that we should pack food they will enjoy.

    I am a short bread junkie. I would eat these all day but they are greasy and one or two days would be my limit.

    I still have a few packs but are rotating MRE's in place as they expire.
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    I had a similar experience with my son. I liked them but he wasn't so hot on them... I tried to convince him it was just like eating a cookie but he wasn't buying it. And I agree, I'm guessing after a few days I'd be meh on them too. But better then eating ants and worms. :)

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    Has anyone tried theses? I ordered 6 to try out but they haven't arrived yet. Price seems good though.
    Emergency Food Rations
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    I use Mainstay Emergency Bars, they're similar to the SOS bars but with a lemon flavor. I had one package lose it's vacuum seal after a few years and they replaced it for free without any problems so I ate the one that lost it's seal. They are actually pretty tasty, maybe a little dry but otherwise like eating lemon cookies, and no "gastro-intestinal" side effects either. I get mine here- I don't know how their prices compare to others but I've had good service from them. The bar pictured goes for about $3.50. Ohh, if I had to I could eat my cat too, but she's so mean she's probably as tough as eating an old boot.


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