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    I've blantantly stolen this from a Thread on Rimfire Central where some really good guys hang out and talk rimfire stuff.

    It is in response to comments about DHS causing the current ammo shortages.

    The Original Poster on Rinfire Central is PGI all credit for the research goes to him.

    Umm, not exactly. This goes back to a Forbes article that quoted a DenverPost article which quoted.....nothing. Nobody. Nada. Who knows when/where/why/how...the publication didn't even meet the bare minimum of journalistic integrity.

    Here's what HAS occurred from what I can find thus far. DHS put out a Presolicitation Notice for setting up an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) type contract vehicle for consolidated 40cal training ammunition purchases. Its also considered a GWAC; Government-Wide Acquisition Contract, meaning any federal agency can purchase using it if they MIPR (transfer) funds to cover. Basically, a "group buy" for all agencies.

    NOWHERE in the notice does it say "1.6B rounds of ammunition". It does have a cap of maximum rounds of 50m/yr, totalling 250M. Besides, the average SOF guy shoots 5k/rds a week in those numbers out and 1.6B isn't anything to be concerned about. DHS runs a national training center in the southeast and that alone could easily consume 250M rds over 5yrs.

    If anything, be concerned about the necessity of spending $$$ on training vs. automatically putting a tinfoil hat on and thinking the "man" is out to get us. He/she is not. I encourage everybody to ignore the BS being touted and RESEARCH this stuff yourself. Nearly every federal purchase of goods is public in some manner, unless its for sensitive programs.

    Search for any government procurement notices with the keyword "ammunition" in it at FBO:

    Here's the only "bulk" purchase recently and again, its a contract vehicle, not a purchase (and a contemplated one, not actual).

    Cliff Notes; conspiracy theorists are crazy
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    The shortage is being caused by hoarders, plain and simple. There are thousands of people around town who are sitting on multiple thousands of rounds, and who are continuing to buy everything they see.
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    Agreed. While I have an adequate supply of ammo, I won't be buying any more until some time in the future when the prices are more reasonable, or until I run out of 9mm for my SWD M11/9
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    That's all well and good, but I'm not taking the inability of somebody on an anonymous internet forum to find an actual government contract as proof that it doesn't exist. These sales and procurements have been widely reported in credible sources. I've seen pictures of deliveries. And 5000 rounds per week per person? Really? That's 1000 rounds per day for training. In an 8 hour day that's 2 rounds per minute for 8 hours, without lunch, or breaks, or instruction periods, etc. That's hard to swallow. There's something going on here beyond hoarding. When a large retailer receives 2 or 3 boxes of any one caliber ammunition a week there's a problem with the supply chain. If they were receiving 100 boxes a week and the shelves were still empty then I'd believe it was hoarding. But when Bi-Mart tells me there's nothing in their warehouse and they don't know when they might get any more it's NOT hoarding.
  5. Ironbar

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    I admit that I snapped up about 2,800 rounds of .22lr a couple weeks ago when opportunity presented itself, but I'm not hoarding it, I'm shooting it!
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    I remember back in '94' during Clinton's assault weapon ban, prices were skyrocketing on every thing pre-ban. but we were still getting container ship loads of ammo ( sks, 921 compliant, ak's etc. ) I was buying 7.62 x 39 for $69. a case and I could buy any caliber I wanted and as many as I wanted. And yes, I was buying guns and hoarding ammo along with most of my friends. So - could imports be part of the problem? Not to mention, back then we didn't have our current police state competing with the military.
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    I have some .22LR for sale: a buck a round.
  8. CascadeSam

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    The BiMart on Woodstock has received 22LR three times during the past three months. Each time they limited the number of boxes or bricks that one person could purchase. In each delivery, the quantity was minimal. Stores from Big 5 to Wall Mart lgs have also received minimal shipments and are limiting the number of 22LR bricks people can buy usually from one to three. Other calibers of ammo are simply not even arriving at the stores. There are other things impacting the retail stores inventory besides horders.
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    Nearly every federal purchase of goods is public in some manner, unless its for sensitive programs. That phrase alone bothers me. I'm sorry our gooberment has lied so many times to us and tried to cover up so much, I plain and simple do not trust them!!!! To many countries in the past have sacrificed thier own for the betterment of the more shall we say deserving!!!!!

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