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(Attentive viewers may be aware that Orygun's comparator still has that "new comparator smell".)
No kidding! Most of the kit is still in the wrapper. Great tool. Going to be helpful. I should get the bullet comparator, too, but soot works well enough.

Exactly. So many guys just look to see what is listed in a manual as the tested COL of a given bullet. And I've always tried to explain they're missing one of the most important parts of developing the most accurate load for their rifle, the sweet spot, or bullet jump, in seating depth. I've seen with my own eyes the difference .010" can make.
Or it might be jamming the bullet into the lands. I just seated a Ballistic Tip at the COAL of 3.340 and in my rifle it's jammed into the lands about .060". That's a quick way to boost pressures into the danger zone.


Learning the finer points of reloading is like figuring out how to see the buried image in a stereogram. Lots of noise and distraction along the way.

View attachment 1027102

Haven't seen one of those in a long time. Took me about 10 seconds. I remember those driving my parents crazy when they first came out. Not sure either one of them ever got one.


The bullet comparator is an invaluable tool for loading (223) Sierra Match King bullets. Match King
bullets are a hollow point design. The tips vary in length and the only accurate way to measure seating
depth is with a bullet comparator. 80 SMK bullets are loaded long a few thousands off the lands as the
barrel wears the bullets are loaded longer. These bullets will not fit the magazine so they must be
single loaded and are used for the 600 yard stage. The Barrel is replaced after the throat is too long to
hold a 80 grain bullet.


SMH! Rats! I just spent about 3 weeks researching this very subject. Shoulda just asked the OP's question and avoided the last three weeks search. Even ordered one of those comparator thingies. Thanks OP. Great question.
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