Sony Reader (Sony's version of a Kindle)--115 shipped with books.

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    I have a like new, lightly used Sony Reader. It's Sony's E-book reader. If you read alot, it's great because you can store all your books in one device, it takes up little space and the books are quite a bit cheaper. It currently has a few books......


    Stock photo, but mine is in good condition and that is the same model you will be getting.

    The books include:

    They Fought For Each Other (Great book on Iraq War)
    Beyond Belief (Bio on Texas Rangers Star Outfielder)
    Boys Will Be Boys: The Glory Days and Party Nights of the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty (Intense book of firsthand incidents during the Smith/Irvin/Aikman era)
    Holy Bible: King James Version
    Case For A Creator (book on an atheist journalist who investigates scientific evidence that points towards God)
    Prophecy 2020 (Book on Bible prophecy)

    If you don't like any of the books above.....they are easily deleted and not permanent.

    $110 dollars, shipped priority to your door. They run 149.99 new at Wal-Mart with zero books....

    Link to sony website

    All Reader Digital Books | Sony | Sony Style USA
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