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    Sometimes our name implies that we are a beginners program - there really is something for everyone.

    Beginners will learn:
    * Firearm safety
    * How to deal with malfunctions
    * Understanding how to use the sights (sight alignment and sight picture)

    Intermediate shooters will learn:
    * Mastering trigger and breath control
    * How to utilize Natural Point Of Aim
    * Rapid target acquisition and engaging multiple targets

    Advanced shooters will learn:
    * Proper technique for zeroing your rifle and setting up your Battle Sight Zero
    * Shooting against the clock
    * The importance of trigger time - marksmanship is a perishable skill

    Each event teaches all of the fundamentals; this means each event is self paced. You get the opportunity to focus on the pieces that are relevant to where you are in the grand scheme of marksmanship.

    Our name is really about the seeds of liberty and the spirit of independence we want to awaken in every American.

    And if you already know it all - come help us teach others. We are always looking for dedicated people to pass on our heritage of marksmanship.
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