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Something cool about your hometown?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PlayboyPenguin, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. PlayboyPenguin

    PlayboyPenguin Pacific Northwest Well-Known Member 2016 Volunteer

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    I saw this thread on another forum and thought we should do it here. There are alot of transplants and locals here so there should be lots of different home towns.

    Name something cool about your hometown.

    My hometown is Point Pleasant, WV. Which some of you might know as the home of the infamous Mothman. You might even remember that little movie starring Richard Gere called "The Mothman Prophesies." Since I left they tore down the old factory that was supposedly his most used lair but they have erected a statue to him down on the main street.

    I can't tell you how many times I got scared as heck in this old place late at night when I was a kid. This was the first place he was ever sighted in town and he supposedly used it as one of his hiding places. It is a lot creepier at night.
  2. parsons_12b

    parsons_12b LaPine Oregon Well-Known Member

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    I live in a town called Sweet Home it doesn't get cooler than that.
  3. SquackDaddy

    SquackDaddy Marion County Member

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    My home town is host to the nation's largest 4th of July Rodeo. Little St. Paul, Oregon. Population: approx. 325
  4. Wheeler44

    Wheeler44 SW Washington Member

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    I grew up in a town of 85 souls.....and the mean old neighbor lady....

    Only eighty air miles from the closest city....Most folks in town have never been there....It's a twelve hour boat trip.....and purt near impossible by land...

    I inclement weather the police could be as much as two weeks away.....Needless to say for this and the fact that town is the center of a bear preserve most folks that you meet are armed..

    There are no Glock vs 1911 arguments and certainly no 9mm vs. .45 either.....If you don't come with a magnum don't bother coming...But most folks carry a "defensive shotgun" usually loaded to deliver; birdshot-buckshot-slug-buck-slug-buck, etc..... The birdshot has many uses from grouse, ptarmigan and ducks...to social work or maybe giving a "facial" to a disagreeable bear...Before finishing the treatment with the remainder of the magazine...

    Do not believe for one minute that an armed society is a polite society....It is merely an armed society......

    Neither are they more prone to violence......They just have guns handy..

    The one thing that is unique about this place is its' proximity to cinematic real estate...

    I watched snowshoe softball with Vanessa Redgraves and Lloyd Bridges...I served drinks to a major action movie entertainer and drove him home in a blizzard, when the cabs wouldn't run...

    Another action "hero" tried to pick-up on my date (I love the sensibilities of small town gals) and after the shoot(movie that is), was involved in a barroom "altercation" with his personal protection detail (and I really love the loyalty of small town "hillbillies).

    My brother has signatures in his restaurant from other "A" list personalities....

    Kind of a prolonged Hollywood meets hillbilly action adventure movie with yours truly playing a minor character part....Almost like "real life"........

    I won't name the place though.....Naming it might change it and I fear I've done that enough...
  5. ZachS

    ZachS Eugene/PDX Active Member

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    My hometown is Portland, OR.

    In Portland, you can ride your bike naked and eat really good food. Some may say that you can also do these things in San Francisco. To them I reply: NOT WHILE ARMED!
  6. GED

    GED North Idaho Active Member

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    Being an Army brat I never really had a hometown.

    Lived in five countries and visited 32 but have lived in
    Portland the longest(20 years)so I suppose this is it(sigh):(.

    But of all the places I've lived, Santa Cruz, CA is the place
    I really felt that "hometown feeling"-wonderful place, esp.
    before the earthquake in the late 80s-sun, surf, and full of
    gorgeous ladies-here's a photo(of the town, not the ladies:winkkiss:):


    Here's a photo of Neil Young playing at The Catalyst-he lives/lived in the Santa Cruz mountains and would come down to town and play at local bars like the Catalyst:

  7. 22many

    22many PNW Well-Known Member

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    I grew up in Sandy, Oregon. The coolest thing about that town is I can go back to payolas pizza and still see the carvings of the women I dated 25 years ago in high school still on the wooden benches. Ya gotta love a small town.
  8. treemanx

    treemanx Spray, Or. Active Member

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    I grew up and went to school in Sandy, and also sometimes visit Payolas Pizza for a stroll down memory lane! But my hometown is actually boring. No....I really mean Boring, Or.! Thats about the coolest thing in regards to my hometown, the name accurately describes the towns atmosphere!
  9. longcolt

    longcolt Zephyrhills, FL Active Member

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    I grew up in a small town of 3,000 in the NE corner of Indiana so long ago that the dinosaurs roamed the area.:laugh::laugh:
  10. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Hey now! There's a restaurant there owned my Harrison Ford, isn't there? I had the pleasure of meeting him as he was doing some site seeing in Brownsville ( My Hometown) a few years back.

    Sam Elliot also owns a ranch in Brownsville. He used to not come around as much, but iv seen him a few times recently, Hes Pretty friendly as well, for some one as famous as him he down a pretty good job of remembering names and isnt a prick like alot of famous people

    Also Portions of the Film Stand By Me were filmed there.,.

    Its a lil Town but lots of cool stuff:D
  11. parsons_12b

    parsons_12b LaPine Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Not a restaurant He bought a bed and breakfast just out of town on the river. Brownsville has lots a cool things. The best thing Sweet Home ever had was the Mud Flats but the Corps of Engineers put a stop to that
  12. glockguy

    glockguy Albany Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Ohh Yes Bed and breakfast not quite sure why he did that lol
  13. parsons_12b

    parsons_12b LaPine Oregon Well-Known Member

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    Neither am I
  14. skud_dusty

    skud_dusty Salem, OR Active Member

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    According to Wikipedia my home town was the scene of a bioterrorist incident.

    Silly Rajneeshee:bluelaugh::laugh:
  15. gemini97424

    gemini97424 Cottage Grove New Member

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    Like Longcolt, I also spent my formative years in a small farm town in northeastern Indiana, Harlan was so small my graduating class only had 27 students. I think the population was around 500, everyone knew everyone, just one big happy family. I still manage to go there every couple of years for the annual alumni banquet just to remain in touch with everyone.
  16. JUSTIficatioN

    JUSTIficatioN Seattle, Wa Member

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    grew up in seattle, still currently living here, although it's probably not well known, there's a beach in the north end called golden gardens that I did a lot of growing up on, still go there every once in a while with my buddies to have a bonfire, toss back a few, and watch the sun set. Also I think last year our mayor made it into the guinness book of world record s for something, it was either biggest D-bag or worlds biggest bag of hot air... I can't remember though. cool thread idea.
  17. Taurus 617 CCW

    Taurus 617 CCW Northern Idaho Member

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    My hometown was Bend, Oregon. I guess I grew up spoiled with the great outdoors at my fingertips and scenic mountain ranges for a daily commute.

    Mt Bachelor.jpg
  18. MuddyWatters

    MuddyWatters West Seattle Member

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  19. Dan-Dee Sales Inc

    Dan-Dee Sales Inc Sweet Home, Oregon, United States Active Member

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    We have paved streets and a tooth brush.
  20. Dyjital

    Dyjital Albany, Ore Flavorite Member Bronze Supporter

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    This recently came up in a different forum, I'm just copying and pasting the information.

    Here's my life in a nutshell.

    Alpine, OR


    this was my great grandpa's garage. When my parents got a divorce I don't know what happened to the property.
    Yup my last name is King. I helped plant those tall trees in front, lived in the house in the back.

    I then lived here, right next door to the garage.

    I went to this church when I was a little little kid:

    I also lived here:
    it's hard to tell, my mom owns that property right now. She ended up with it after the divorce.

    I went to school here:
    from 2nd grade to 6th. The school closed down due to budget cuts and they relocated everyone into the near by Monroe school district. This school is now a 'community center' that's really a POS place. I wish I could get into the Gym and take some photos it's very nostalgic. The gym is a dome, like 1/2 of a Lincoln Log, hard wood floors, exposed lumber for the structure. You can tell it was built with wood, and how it was near a lumber mill.

    The park at Alpine used to host the "Alpine Prairie Fire Run" a 1, 5 and 10K run/walk event in the summer that was really cool. The cedar trees that are in the park I helped my dad plant and water for the first couple of months after we planted them. I remember playing "Scorch" in that park at night, back before you had to worry about child molesters, pedophiles, and the like. I got in trouble, smoked cigarettes in that town, stole from the store. Small town naughty boys.

    The old store:

    that used to sponsor the Run/walk event. The town pretty much died when the lumber industry took a dive. It's sad but the place used to really really be happening. There's a book somewhere I'd like to find that has photos of the old bar, horses tied up at the store, the old mechanics shop that's torn down etc.

    There was a lady who lived here:
    Her name was Mildred. She was a little retarded and if you rode your bike in front of her house she'd come out and yell at you. Sometimes her record would get to skipping in her head. I remember once she was walking through town saying "What dya up to, what dya up to... " really loud. I also remember a time when she returned a movie to the store because her 'husband' said that there wasn't enough boys in the movie. Sick-O, but she liked him because it kept her out of the crazy house.

    I played in this creek:
    a LOT. We would build dams, catch frogs, and go swimming a lot during the summer. I remember too when the road would get hot:
    having our shoes getting stuck in the tar on the road. Rocking back and forth so we would bury them, leaning as far back as we could, then forwards to see who could go the furthest without falling. having cars go around us because our shoes were stuck in the tar.

    Good times, good times.

    Monroe, OR

    here's where my Grandpa lived when he was alive. My mom grew up in this house:
    This is my Grandpa who was Cherokee.

    the house we lived in when we were in Monroe. My mom still owns it. (not good photo I know) but I lived in this location from 7th grade through high school.

    Shot from the main place in Monroe:

    Where I went to high school:

    My class (of 2000)planted the tall tree to the left in the photo above. It was supposed to be as tall as the high school when we graduated. We planted it back in Kindergarten.

    Where I went to school:
    Kinder to 1st. Then again from 7th and 8th grade.

    Summertime we would jump off this bridge:
    Now you can't, because of irresponsible kids who would play chicken with cars. They ruined it for everyone.

    There is a dam right here:
    that we would slide down during the summer. River flows from bottom of image to top.

    Hull Oaks Lumber Co.
    My dad worked there for 20+ years as the millwright, the one who kept the place running (no joke I heard the stories)
    Last steam powered sawmills. it's an antique that's still operating. It also can still take large trees. Up to like 85' long and large in diameter.


    I grew up around the lumber/timber industry and it got my parents everything they had. Don't confuse me with a tree hugger.

    What do I win?