Someone please explain why the Sig SP2022 is not more popular

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by jmcdowellpdx, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. jmcdowellpdx

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    I originally owned the SP2340...great gun too

    I now have a Sp2022 in .40 and I freakin' love it.

    A lot of the goodness of a Sig at <1/2 the price!!!

    why no love?
  2. clambo

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    I too would like to know. I've never owned a Sig handgun but am considering buying the two that everyone seems to talk bad about the 2022 and the P250. For me they sound ideal. I don't care for Glocks...nothing against plastic just don't care for them. Want an HK pretty bad but man that's a lot of dough for a pistol.
  3. JVK

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    Pre-panic they were pretty common $400-$450 range but today i've seen several asking north of $500+. (on the 9mm anyways) That's a bit much IMO. I've never shot a sig but have always been interested in this model.
  4. RBid

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    Even at $700, it would be a great gun. The SP2022 is one of the most horribly underrated firearms on the market. The only negative is that they only ship with 1 mag in the box. That sucks. The firearm itself is reliable, feels great in hand, and is constructed to hold up under abuse.

    I think the SP2022 would sell more if it hit the market at a higher initial price point, and came with a second mag. Sticker snobs look down on it, without being familiar with it.
  5. mkwerx

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    They are good guns - but Sig had them priced right at $400 when first released - just like when the XD first hit our stores as the HS2000 and sold for $350 instead of $500. Those of us who've been into guns long enough to have bought or shot the early guns just aren't as thrilled with the idea of buying that gun for $100-200 more than we paid before the craze.

    The other reason they're not as popular? They're a plastic Sig. Sig lovers love the P-series metal framed guns. There's nothing wrong with the Sig Pro - but it's not what Sig lovers love the most.

    The original run of the Sig Pros also had a wonky non-standard accessory rail, and they didn't have a lot of support from the aftermarket - sights, holsters, etc. With the redesign and release of the 2022 years later, it's gotten better holster support, and you can find more "stuff" to bolt on to your gun. Gunnies love mods on their stuff.

    Not many police agencies have gone to the Sig, and the military uses it sparingly (the 2022 9mm being one of the guns issued to tank crews) - so the tacticool couch ninja crowd hasn't jumped on it like a fat girl on pizza either.

    Is it under rated? Maybe. It's a great $400 gun. At $500 I'd rather have an M&P or Glock - something that I (could) can find mags for cheaper and more plentiful. If it had been made to take P229 or 226 mags - it would've been better. AT $600 there are way better options with more plentiful accessories.
  6. Jr1982

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    I've wondered the same thing. Especially when I see theses going for 450 brand new and people are still asking 600+ for used glocks. Makes no sense.
  7. 206thsense

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    This. I think the issue of limited magazines makes a person like me who already owns a P226 feel less welcome to buying one. I haven't had a chance to shoot a 2022 yet, but the reviews about it seem universally good. I have nothing against polymer, but I also like to have at 3-5 magazines minimum for an auto pistol.

    Maybe once the craze dies down and I can find one for about $400...
  8. Spad

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    I wonder about that too.Have one that came with night sights,great pistol.....Sig seems more interested in selling what they think is the right gun for the American market, the 250 type..They even have an SPC2022 a little shorter version,but won't bring it into the U.S. market as it is only half an shorter in the slide and they say it wouldn't make a difference. For me that would be a pistol I could put in my pocket and would have bought two,but now have another brand pistol for carry(bought two 9mm Caniks,lighter and fit in mny front pocket for carry)...No more Sigs.Guess they have more profit in the 250 type.. Spad
  9. evoronin

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    I think most Sig owners have been accustomed to high dollar quality guns. When that is what they have been making for years, it's hard to grab a plastic version of a Sig. It just does not feel like a Sig. So I guess it is more tradition than anything. I love glocks and xdm also, but when it comes to Sig, I just like the good old style 210 or 226 X5. That heavy hunk of steel is what makes a Sig, a Sig.
  10. cosmos

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    I shot one side by side with a P226. It was pretty much just as nice to shoot. The p226 is prettier. I think that compared to say a Glock the 2022 is "more complicated." Also people think, "Hey if I am going to get a plastic gun I'll get a Glock." Parts are also probably more expensive than Glock parts. Sig p226 is my favorite handgun and after shooting the 2022 I can say there is no real reason to get the p226 over the 2022 except for the sake of having a p226 vs just having 2022.
  11. BDA.45

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    I loved my SP2022.... Had to let her go. Sad day. Dont get me wrong, I loved the gun, it just didnt fit me. Sig moved the position of a few parts which in turn caused manual malfs on my part. The decocker is now down and forward which for people with high thumb grip causes pressure on it and induces a malf. Instead of just pulling the trigger after the malfunction, I did a tap rack and ejected the next round. Shot a match with it and couldnt get 1 stage without multiple malfs. I chose to change guns not grip. My 220 doesnt do that, decocker sits high and back. I personally love the gun but it just didnt work for me. I hope we could still be friends 2022, I love you?!?
  12. nautox

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    The SP2022 is under rated and I'd love to have a SP2340 in 357sig. The P250 ... I want to love it but I just can't get over the phallic hammer :(

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