Some whacky Oregon laws

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    I was reading through the Oregon gun laws today and one or two are really crazy. If you are a felon you are prohibited from owning a firearm....unless you were found to be insane when convicted. So if you are a crazy felon you can posses a firearm? This one isn't a firearm statute but it's in the same section. If you have a disagreement with another person, say a Hells Angel and he smashes you in the face it's a misdemeanor. But if a person, say your daughter, only threatens to strike a Muslim, lesbian, or black man but doesn't touch them it's a felony. Whatever happened to free speech? If your kid carries a slingshot in his jacket pocket he is in violation of carrying a concealed weapon. Same with anyone who carries pepper spray in their pocket or a purse. So do you need a CCL to carry pepper spray? Same with a bat or club. So if your tire iron is behind your seat are you in violation or does it have to be kept in a locked box? Sounds silly until you are pulled over and your car is searched. I remember 50 years ago I was pulled over for a traffic violation and given the third degree because there was a screwdriver under the seat of my 49 ford that was lowered in the front with duel mufflers and a louvered hood and I was sixteen :confused:

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