Some time ago in Colorado ...

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    ... there was an incident which was bad involving a movie and some mentally challenged individual.

    The law in the state of CO says that if you loose a lawsuit then you can be liable for court costs.
    That happened. The victims families sued the retailer who sold the firearm.
    Under the law they have to pay the lawyers.

    Some people have a problem with that.

    "The parents unsuccessfully sued the retailers who made the firearm that killed their daughter. Colorado state law requires that plaintiffs who sue the manufacturers of gun products pay the companies' legal fees if they lose."

    Hello - sue the dude with the finger on the trigger ....

    This incident is the one which led me to decide we should never name the shooters - nor give them nick-names.
    Well that and a story about speeding - so and so got a ticket for doing 140... leads joe dumb-bubblegum - to try and do 150 ...

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