Some questions to think about!

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    These are a few questions I have been pondering for some time and they are “what if questions”.

    I do not want a response as this is an open forum and your answer could some day be used against you.

    These questions are for you to think about then rethink and then think about them again as your answer could make you a felon and in some people’s eyes treasonous.

    If the government tells you in order to keep your military style firearms meaning ARs, AKs, G3s, M14s. M1As, FAL and any others of this type that you would have to register them like a class 3 (like a machine gun or short barreled shotgun) with a 200 tax stamp per, finger prints and background check would you do it?

    Or at this point has the government gone too far? What would it take for the government to cross the line in your eyes?

    Please do not answer just think!

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