So we all get to work and are getting set up for the day when one of the guys starts blathering on about marshal law by next month and UN troops taking over... and he's bought it hook, line and sinker.
He starts catching flak and being told blue helmets make great targets when he lays the bombshell on us.
I'm pretty much ignoring him until he says, I was forwarded this e-mail from an ex SF guy and it was was some tripe written by... Alex Baldwin.
Now I'm irritated because I had just shot hot coffee out my nose.

I recover and between trying to catch my breath I try and explain that the Clown who wrote that has zero credibility. But it was a lost cause. He firmly believes it and was going on throughout the day telling anyone who would listen that we are doomed.

I used to wonder who would be dumb enough to fall for those Nigerian scams. Now I know.

Bon Jour
About worse than religious blatherers/end of worlders. Just shut your piehole already.
He may well have been a plant.. and not the green kind. foment this

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