Some of Strictest Gun Control In The World, But a Surge In Gun Violence?? How Come?

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    Another report of a gang-related shooting in Toronto, where innocent bystanders, including young children were murdered and wounded. Canada has some of the strictest gun control in the world, so how come the gangs are willing to murder people, including children with illegal handguns, that they are not allowed to carry? I mean murder is one thing, but breaking Canada's no-conceal carry and gun registration laws?? I just don't know what they are thinking :p I'm thinking if Canadians weren't such brainwashed sheeple, waiting for their overworked, underpaid government workers to save them, that some armed person could have stopped some of these children and other innocent people from being hurt.

    Hopefully, this can be a lesson for the city of Seattle, that even the strictest gun control in the world won't stop gun violence. All gun laws will succeed in doing is making more law abiding citizens weak and helpless. I think this goes back to a line from one of my favorite movies, "What ever happen to the old American virtue of self-defense?"

    Just as with the illegal drug trade, the illegal guns are flooding the streets all over the world and with the increase culture of violence and the glorification of gangs and lack of punishment of criminals, these crimes and illegal guns will increase more and more. On the other hand, the idiot bureaucrats and their brainwashed sheeple will keep punishing law-abiding citizens more and more, making everything illegal. It will get to the point where you need to register your kitchen knives. At the same time, the criminals will all be armed to the teeth and can use their weapons so liberally on any person they feel like without fear of retribution.

    Toronto shooting prompts 'relentless' search - Toronto - CBC News

    P.S. Shame on all those American gun owners for arming the Mexican drug cartels with grenades and fully auto M-16s :p

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