Some holsters and grips FTF in PDX

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    Cleaning out the safe. Trade possibilities at the bottom

    1) IWB for a Witness (EAA / CZ) compact from List for $90.00, take $40.00 or trade for comparable holster for a S&W K frame 4"
    2) SOLD
    3) Bianchi AccuMold for (I think) a compact Glock. $10.00 or trade for something worth about that
    4) Galco DC252 Deep Cover holster for (I think) a Sig P230/P232. The stitching on the tab is a little loose. $15.00 or trade for something worth about that
    5) SOLD
    6) Radical Grips 1911 grip with Colt medallion, look unused. (OEM grips for Colt) $15.00 or trade for something worth about that
    7) SOLD
    8 ) flash hider for a Ruger 10/22, attaches with a set screw on the bottom. $? :laugh: whatever you think it's worth.
    9) TRADED
    Looking for:
    A good IWB for a 4" S&W K frame
    357 Mag ammo
    38 Spl ammo
    303 Brit ammo
    7.5x55 Mas ammo
    Grips for a 150- series Ruger Security Six (Jay Scott)
    Powder that would work for 38/357 or 45acp ( :roll: who isn't?)
    Micrometer sight for Enfield 303
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    I will take the 1911 holster for 10.00. PM Sent

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