Some Highlights from I-594 hearings 1/28/14 I attended

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    The proposed law goes too far. Almost all innocent, temporary transfers would become a gross misdemeanor or felony. Temporarily handing a gun to a friend to relative to look at would in most cases be illegal. At least 4 firearms instructors testified that the classes they give in home safety, hunting safety, and competition shooting would now be outlawed. Following a self-defense shooting of a gang member, a homeowner's firearm would be taken by the police during the investigation and nobody would be able to loan them a weapon for protection from immediate retaliation by the gang. Background checks are done already done for private sales at the major gunshows, because to purchase a gun at a WAC gunshow, one must join WAC and to join WAC one must pass a WSP background check. Gun dealer Robin Ball testified that other WA laws require holding the transferred firearm in inventory for 30 days (not 10) but the transfer approvals are only valid for 31 days. (Does anyone know the RCW where the 30 day hold is specified?)

    Find you legislator here and let them know you oppose I-594

    Gun grabbers outnumbered pro gunners by about 60/40 (rough estimate)

    You can see the hearings here: TVW v3
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    That is a great summation and sounds like the bases were covered. Now if you can uncover the ears and eyes of your legislators.
    It is truly pathetic that the left is with so few things to do they do things like this.
    Maybe there needs to be a bill to introduce a law against frivolous legislation like they have for frivolous lawsuits.
    Then a law reduction act.
    There are already about 2 dozen laws that cover every conceivable thing that you can bring up.
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    Good summary, thanks. I saw the 30 day period mentioned but I've never heard of it before either.
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    I would also like to know where the 30 day period is coming from.
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    I-594 is not moving in Olympia our battle is in November. A citizens initiative to the legislature can be adopted or if not adopted it recieves a vote of the people in November. Our battle is to defeat this in November.

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