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    I was sittin' at the computer readin' about guns here @ NWFA and the 'phone rings.......Turns out it's Representative Jaime Herrera..From the 18th Legislative District here in Washington State...She's conducting a "town hall" type meeting, you know conference call with an option to ask the Rep. a question....So I pressed *3 and waited for my chance to speak with Ms. Herrera.....While I waitin' my turn I quick like got to the legal section to refresh my memory of upcoming legislation (Thanks NWFA folks)...When my turn came up I asked her to oppose H.B. 2264 (bill to close the "gun show loophole") and another bill that I couldn't find the number for, but that I'd read about here... A bill to serialize all handgun ammo.....She told me that she was opposed to the handgun ammo serialization bill and would have to read up on 2264 but that she would likely oppose that too. Then she informed me that she introduced a bill to prevent firearm confiscation in the event of emergency or disaster (like those folks in New Orleans during Katrina).. so that law abiding folks wouldn't have to worry about thugs during such an emergency......I'm giving Rep. Herrera a 2.5 outta 3 on this exchange ( I wish she woulda known about 2264 or at least vehemently opposed the idea of it) The caller after me was opposed to 2264 and may have swayed her a little more..


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