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    *****If someone comes to get it today 1/22/12, I will let it go for 380, but only today because I am salivating over a Marlin I found. Otherwise, I will play the Glock waiting game, as they always sell at a good price, but as usual the gun shop is gonna screw me on trade-in*****

    I have a Gen 3 Glock 22 for sale. comes with original tupperware box (no paperwork), gun rug, two 15 round mags, box of PMC fmj ammo. maybe 500 rounds down the pipe over the life of the firearm, small amount of wear, never have any issues with it and she shoots lights out.

    Looking for $400 for the package,and would like to sell today as I have found a nice used Marlin 1894 that I want to go pick up. Preference will be given to people in the local Portland metro area, I can drive to meet, but no I will not be trekking down to Eugene to hand deliver the firearm to you, you need to come my way (newborn baby and a stressed out wife have eliminated any travelling around for me)


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