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    Here's what I know about it, it's cool, it's old, has double triggers and it works good. Older Stevens are hard to date so I couldn't narrow the date down real well but it was made between 1920-1940. It works great and has even been used in a couple of cowboy matches. It's no beauty queen though, blueing is mostly gone, the wood has plenty of nicks and scratches but no cracks that I can see. Also, there are some small nicks in the metal from what I'm guessing was a vice. The barrels were cut down at some point and are bout 20 inches now and a new gold bead was installed. Basically just a cool old double that's at least 71 years old and still works great.

    I'd love to trade for something similar in 20 gauge, a 10/22 or a single action or lever action .22 but feel free to throw anything out there. A 30/30 would be great too. I'll put a price of $225 on it but it's pretty flexible.
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