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    Built in 1941, when men were men and guns were made of wood and steel.:gun08: Definitely not a pristine collector but there aren't a whole lot of these left that haven't had the barrels chopped for a truck gun or for a cutts comp. Couple of small spots(dime size) with a little bit of pitting but the metal is in overall good shape and the wood is solid. 30 inch barrel choked full with a 2 3/4in. chamber. I tried to get some decent pics but couldn't get the light right. If anyone wants more detailed pics, I can take some in the daylight and send em to ya.

    Gun comes with 100 rounds of ammo, three boxes of 7 1/2's or 8's(Win and Federal) and 25 rounds of Estate #4 buck. I don't have a case this long but I'll include a gun sock.

    I've seen prices all over the place on these and I think the pre war date makes it a little more collectible but honestly, I have no idea what to price this at. I'm going to say $275 but give me a solid offer and it's yours. Would also trade or part trade for a 10/22, lever action and single action .22's, a Marlin or Winchester 30/30, com block handguns(CZ 82, P64, non commercial Makarovs, etc.) or ?
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