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    Just paid $520 out the door at Kesslrings for this less than six months ago. .44 magnum, 24" octagon barrel, 13+1 capacity. Shoots great, cycles specials fine, heavy barrel is very steady and great for off hand shooting. I picked this up for cowboy action shooting but got a great deal on a Marlin and have been using that lately. It's been used in a few matches but has been well cared for and is in excellent shape. Comes with a set of Marbles sights that haven't been installed yet, the original box and I just ordered a DVD detailing complete take down and how to do an action job from this guy Steve's Gunz Web Store, The Home of the Rossi 92 Specialist ... ducts_id=2 . It hasn't shown up yet but it will get mailed to the buyer if it's not here before a deal is made.

    I'd take $480 OBO. for everything but I'd rather trade. The only trades I'm looking for are a .44 magnum, 4 5/8" barrel Ruger Super Blackhawk and possibly a little cash, depending on whether it's blued or stainless and condition or a .44 magnum SBH with a Bisley grip frame with anything up to a 7 1/2" barrel. Nothing with the squared off, knuckle buster trigger guard please.;)

    Spots in pics are a combo of lint and flash finish is great. If anyone needs more pics, let me know. Also, front sight is a white bead but I couldn't post any more pics.
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    I want this bad enough I may sell a kidney. :)
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