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    Not sure on the round count, at some point a previous owner got a little ambitious cleaning it and took some of the finish off of the fore end so it's got a lighter finish than the buttstock, which you can see in the pics. It's also got a blemish on the right side of the receiver which is also in the pics. Nice shooter though, really accurate but the action isn't super smooth and I need something a little faster for cowboy action shooting and want to upgrade to a Marlin. I did have my gunsmith smooth up the feeding a bit and it cycles specials and magnums great and will now feed semi wadcutters with ease. Comes with 25 rounds of HSM .44 specials and 120 pieces of .44 special brass.

    I'd like to get $325 or trade this and my Single Six in the handgun section for a .44mag Marlin 1894. Willing to bargain a little if you want both.

    I can meet as far south as Stanwood or possibly Marysville depending on the day.
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