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    Looking to sell my Norinco 26 SKS!
    This baby is a great shooter and from my understanding the 26 is getting hard to find (no more inported since 1993). I Have added some fun to this bad boy.

    What the deal has:

    -All matching # Norinco 26 SKS

    -2 stocks
    1.Original wood stock and upper hand guard ( custom tiger striping by previous owner)
    2. ATI folding synthetic stock (currently on now)

    -original 10rnd fixed mag (not attached)

    -10, 10rnd stripper clips

    - 4 duck bill mags
    1. 2 20rnd steele duck bill mags
    2. 1 50rnd steele duck bill mag (when purchesed I had feeding issues with this 1. The mag didnt fit right when inserted but I was able to move part of the duck bill part of the mag with a screw driver to fit flush and feeds fine now.
    3. 1 5rnd synthetic mag (for leagal hunting)

    - Speed loader

    - Instaled a small 2inch weaver rail to the bottom of the synthetic stock to house a handle.

    -replaced the original slide cover with a black weaver style slide cover to allow for red dot or scope.

    - Original slide cover

    - 5 point tactical sling

    - Rifle case Fits just about everything :bluelaugh:

    - Simmon 3x9 40mm scope w/weaver style rings. Glass and cross hairs clear. few scratches on the paint.

    - AMMO
    1. 220rnds of Norinco yellow box steel core ammo. head stamp 71 over 86 (some say it isnt steel core but I have pulled a round and cut into it for comformation)... it is boat tailed and steel core
    2. Approx 160rnds of wolf 124gr FMJ
    3. 500 rnds of wolf 124gr hollow points

    What im missing- The bayo and bayo screw. (bayo nut still attached to the barrel).

    ASKING $550 OBO PM please!:)


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