I have a Century Intl Arms GP1975 AK-47 up for trade. It has black tapco stock and it will come with 2 metal 30 rounders and 2 tapco plastic 30 rounders. I have only put 100 roundsd through her and she functions fine. Also comes with 400 rounds of russian surplus ammo on stripper clips. I can email pictures from my phone and I will post pics tommorow when I get to a computer. looking for something new to play with. pistols in 9mm, especially subcompacts xd9 sc, ruger sr9c, g26 but im not to picky,tricked out 10/22 let me know what you have(no shotguns I already have enough of those) FTF in Oregoncity area. THANKS. Cash price added of 450$ found something I need to buy thanks. View attachment 198295
I took a look. But the rifle a am looking to get is the Kel-tec RFB. If the ak-47 was a bullpup then maybe. I have a Kahr CW45 for sale $500.

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