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22 Long Rifle
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Fine group of rifles up for sale. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions or request additional pics. Please be patient for replies as my schedule is pretty full Monday-Thursday.

1. Finnish M39, Great-Excellent M39, VKT 1944, very attractive wood, bluing in excellent condition, great bore, square splice. This is a very nice M39, certainly one of the higher grade M39’s out there.

Pics -
$925+ shipping

2. Finnish M39, Great-Excellent M39, VKT 1944, very attractive wood, bluing in excellent condition, great bore, square splice. This one has very attractive darker wood, with a crack at the buttstock which is held in place by the buttplate and won’t get any worse. Really solid M39, price reduction because of crack.

Pics -
$875 + shipping

3. 1903A3, Remington, 9-43 barrel, excellent condition, total mirror bore, this is a very nice rifle. Pics will tell the story.

Pics -

$1000 + shipping

4. Yugo K98k, totally scrubbed and reworked K98, yugo crest, wood and metal in excellent condition, bore is pristine. Will make a very nice shooter.

Pics -
$700 + shipping SPF

5. Type 99, Nagoya 8th series, which did include the front sight protector for this series. Very nice wood and metal, FULL MUM(no defacing whatsoever), shiney bore. Dust covers were not issued for this series, but will include this one with the rifle. Also have a repro sling I will throw in with the sale. Bolt matches receiver minus the safety, which appears to be a replacement. It matches but was probably faked, or refinished.

Bayo is SOLD.

Pics -
$500 + shipping

6. 1903 stock, finish was basically totally removed, but it’s a very nice solid stock, no cracks, action looks very clean, just needs a few coats of BLO and it’ll be good as new.

Pics - 1903 Stock

$150 + shipping

7. K98 barreled action, the not good, the bad, and the ugly. This sporter was bubba’d to the max. Looks like a cold blue finish, Lyman sight was added after drill and tapping, and barrel step downs were grinded off. Some may consider that unsafe, certainly all collectors value was removed from the barrel. The previous owner did successfully shoot it in a sporter stock. Pretty much the only value is in the receiver and the Lyman sight if you want it. If this doesn’t sell I’ll just take everything apart and sell separately.

Pics - K98 Barreled receiver and trigger guard

$100 + shipping SPF

8. German K98k trigger guard, good condition. Has a stripped capture screw in it, it’s currently soaking in some PB blaster, as the screw is slightly exposed and I am confident it can be removed.

Pics - K98 Barreled receiver and trigger guard

$45 + shipping SPF

Can do 1 or 2 sales via PayPal, but they will flag my PayPal if I do many consecutive high dollar sales. I highly prefer Zelle, which also processes payments very quickly. Can take personal checks as well.

Again, don’t hesitate to ask any questions or request any more pics. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can. This will be cross posted. First I’ll take it gets it. Thanks!

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Please don't edit your ad to say sold.
Just close your ad when all items are sold...or edit ( note not delete ) the ad to state which rifles are sold...thank you.
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