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    Cleaning out the closet, I found a but load of stuff I don't need any more. Take a look, see what you like.
    1. Paintball Kit, including Tippman 68 Carbine (old school, but I've killed MANY players with it. Mainly because I am awesome, so maybe that awesomeness will rub off on you if you buy it) Hopper, 24 OZ. CO2 tanks, 2 JT masks, Butt pack with 4 spare 100 round reload tubes. $75 gets you everything.
    2. BDU pattern Kevlar Body armor, former military issue complete with neck and groin protectors and soft kevlar panels, with space for SAPI plates. Sized Medium, $250.
    3. M4 Leg drop two mag pouch, made by eagle industries, spray painted greenish, $15.
    4. Safariland 6004 Beretta M92FS holster, Left hand, Desert tan (been to Iraq and back) $40
    5. M4 Parts kits, including standard pistol grip, standard forearm, CAA buttstock saddle (been to Iraq and back) and gas block flip up front sight. $40 for whole package, but will part with each item individually.
    6. Wiley X shaded eye protection with black and amber lenses, $20
    7. BlackHawk(!) Big ole' butt pack, $15
    8. Specter gear single point sling, tan (been to Iraq and back and looks like it too) $15
    9. Black Pistol belt $5
    10. Remington 870 Speed Feed Stock and Forearm set (actual brand name speed feed) $50
    11. Two MOLLE DCU flash bang pouches $4 for both
    12. Spec-Ops brand Universal knife sheath, MOLLE compatible, gray $20
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