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    This is a dedicated .22lr clone of an M4.
    Bushnell banner 3-9x40
    2 - 30 round mags, (essayist mag to load I have ever seen)

    Built by Carl Walter for Colt
    Fun to shoot nice because it can be charged with either hand. Would make a great training gun for AR platform. better accuracy then a gsg5,

    similar to the AR/M4:
    charging handle (but a shorter pull)
    rear shoulder stock (adjustable / accepts any standard AR)
    hand guard
    mag release
    dust cover (yes it is operational despite what some reviews have said)
    iron sights

    Non op parts:
    bolt forward assist
    bolt release

    This is an accurate rifle, Targets below where at 50yards with only resting the hand guard on a piece of wood. plus I haven't been shooting in about a year and my CZ groups weren't any better, so the gun shots better then I can. I fired 150 rounds of HV federal, and 30rd of SV CCI and did not have a single misfire of FTF. Rifle has less then 1000rds through it.

    note: from a point made on reviews of this rifle,
    -Negative posts generaly come from gsg5 owners who admittedly have only handled gun in store and never fired one (maybe some enviy)
    -Positive post come from those who have fired it.

    Would prefer cash

    Possible trades: (with ash to make up the difference)
    -9mm sub-compact - skinny/single stake (I have a P99 I want something smaller)
    -maybe a 9mm, .38+p, or .357 compact revolver
    -"adult" air rifle or pistol - target or high power (no gamo, nothing from china)
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