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    Hey All,

    Hopefully this is the last one I'm going to have to sell! It's got an Armalite A2 upper and an A2 stocked Lauer lower. I had a gun smith slick up the trigger a few months ago to a nice, clean 4lb break with no take up or overtravel. It's a good rifle though I cannot say how many rounds it has through it as I got it used (the upper is used but the lower build out is new). I've put 40 rounds through it and it and its a good shooter. I'll throw in 200 rounds (10 boxes) of PMC as well (last .223/5.56 I have so I won't have any use for it). Looking for $850 but make me an offer, sorta need the dough. :(


    I forgot something, it comes with a half dozen magazines as well.
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