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    I have a M&P full-size 9mm I'm looking to trade or sell. I simply have no need for a full-size when I'll never carry it. I'm not the original owner, so not exactly sure of the round count, but I've put 50 rounds through it with no issues whatsoever. It will come with the box, two mags, and extra palm wells. Basically like it comes from the factory. It has no safety (thumb or magazine) either. On to the trades!

    Trades I'm looking for:
    -Gen 3 or 4 Glock 26
    -M&P 9C
    -M&P Shield in 9mm only

    Cash price: $450, but mainly looking to trade

    I'll post pictures when I get a chance to later today, but it looks like any other M&P 9 out there. Very minimal signs of use on the barrel, no scratches on the slide.
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