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    This is what you'd call a "beater" or "truck gun" if your trying to dance around the fact that it's ugly. It's a 20ga., I cut the barrel down to a hair over 19 inches and added a pretty big white bead. The previous owner had hacked the stock up pretty bad so I used it to make a pistol grip and picked up a synthetic full size stock. I had planned on painting the fore end black but it matches the pistol grip so I figured the next owner could decide if they wanted to paint it or just find a synthetic fore end. Shoots 2&3/4 or 3in shells. I'll toss in a box of bird shot and an old case.

    Price? Lets say $180? Trades? Sure throw them out there. I'd really like a .22 or .38 of some sort, looks aren't a big deal just need to be functional.

    Prefer a CPL on this one, fairly flexible on meeting, anywhere between Bellingham and Marysville. Those pics kind of suck so if anyone wants more, just let me know.

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