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    Hello, I have a very nice WASR 10 ak47 it was bought same time last year for $660.00 after tax I'm asking $450.00 it includes hard rifle case, 100 rounds in 20 rd boxs & another dust cover with a rail on it also 2 clips. Alright about the ak now. It is in great condition very minor scratches, clean inside and out, only about 80rounds have been put through it. The ak has a tactical forearm with rails on all 4 sides, tactical 6 position stock, ak is black/black it also has the side mount for a scope. I have pictures but I can only email them I can't figure out how to post them or text them from my phone. So only call me 206 458 4682 or email I'm doing first come first serve I need this sold ASAP. I will need to do paper work with this ak as it is in my name so please have valid ID. And please don't waste my time. Name is zack
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