SOLD Winchester Model 1911 S.L. Semi-Auo 12GA

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by BobSigP229R, May 12, 2011.

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  1. BobSigP229R

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    Hello, I am selling a Winchester Model 1911 S.L. Semi-Auto 12GA. This is the first auto loading shotgun Winchester ever made. The fore stock is missing along with the butt pad. This is more of a collectors item, I heard they aren't built for modern loads. I have never shot this gun or seen it shoot, so I do not know if it shots. This is an interesting gun, you chamber the first round by grabbing the checkered area on the end of the barrel and push it into the gun. I read that the recoil is so bad on these the stocks are often broken. Here is an interesting thing i found online

    "Nicknamed "The Widow Maker" in an era of wide gun use, the 1911 was not made for long. Winchester,according to legend, would trade them for a new Model 12 just to get them back."

    Selling for $125

    Im trying to build up my shotgun so I will trade for winchester 1300 field gun barrel in 12 ga, tactical molle gear, kershaw knives, or other gun stuff, let me know what you have.

    Thanks, Bob


    IMG_3304.jpg 1911 2.JPG IMG_3300.jpg 1911  1.JPG


    1911 2.JPG


    1911  1.JPG
  2. coop44

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    had my hands on one of these earlier this year, had to pass. But an "interesting" design.
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