***SOLD*** Trade Shield 9mm and M&P 22 for 1911

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by accessbob, Jun 26, 2013.

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    **** Shield SOLD and M&P is temporarily off the market **** (I know I said no cash but I got an offer I couldn't refuse).

    My wife decided she wants a 1911. She shoots lights out with mine and she doesn't do as well with her Shield. I bought her Shield in April or May of 2012 from a member on this forum. He stiffed me on the 8 round mag so all we have is the 7 round mag with it. We do have the original box.

    So, that being said, it isn't quite enough to trade for a decent 1911 so I'm willing to throw in my M&P 22 as additional compensation. We don't currently have any cash available to put towards this so that isn't an option. Right now I'd say that trade value for the Shield would be $400 and the M&P 22 $325 giving us a total of about $725 in value. The M&P22 has about 300 rounds downrange and is in fantastic condition and comes in the original box along with the one 12 round magazine it came with when I bought it new a few months back. The Shield 9mm has probably 300 rounds down it (my wife doesn't fire it all that often) and is in great condition.

    Not interested in Taurus (just a personal thing - they may be good but my relatives have not had good luck with them).

    Oregon Residents Only (ODL or CHL to be shown)
    FTF only
    Located in SE Portland but can drive some for the deal

    I will post more current photos later tonight.

    The Shield 9mm (we don't have the Remora holster anymore):


    The M&P 22:

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