[SOLD] The Most Firepower A Civilian Can Own Sans Class 3

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    I'm selling my personal Vepr-12, which can run Saiga-12 mags, as well as magwell mags.
    For those unfamiliar with the platform, Picture firing 20 rounds of .00 buckshot as fast as you can pull the trigger.
    Body Armor or no, there's not a zombie out there that can stand up to it. :thumbup:

    It will include 4 Russian Magwell Mags, + the magwell, as well as 2 AGP 10 round mags, and 1 MD-20 drum.

    The 4 Vepr-12 mags are brand new, one's been fired for testing.
    The 2 AGPs and MD-20 are used, but run great.

    This firearm comes with a prototype magwell elimination piece to run the S-12 Rock & Lock mags.
    You can see it fire the rock & Locks flawlessly here;


    Additional modifications include Pauly's GlassBolt Reliability System for the smoothest action out there, Pauly's MatchTrigger, and Inner Demons Vertical Charging Handle.

    Weapon can be shipped with the magwell installed for use with the 4 Vepr-12 5 round mags, or with the magwell elimination kit installed for use with the Saiga-12 Rock & Locks & MD-20.

    Polish 2 point AK sling & recoil pad pictured are also included.
    Stock has been upgraded to the Kvar Warsaw length butstock with trap door for the cleaning kit.
    Grip is an MD-arms Vepr style
    FCG is a Tapco-G2 worked over by yours truly.
    Firearm is 922R compliant.
    Firearm will also include the Original Vepr PG, Magwell, the factory FCG, and factory excuse for a lamanate but-stock that it came with, and the original box with owner's manual.

    The only cosmetic defects are a couple tiny dings on the barrel's paint from being leaned against stuff while testing everything. The weapon runs AWESOME.

    Get it while you can, this is one of a kind and shouldn't last long.

    Price is $2,500.00 FIRM (NO TRADES) & firearm must ship to yout FFL if the transaction isn't face to face. The 7 mags will ship separately. Only buy the weapon if you're legal to own it in your state if out of the state of Oregon

    Weapon is cross-posted On GunBroker with a $1,600.00 reserve and $2,499.99 buy it now price.

    I'm in Oregon for FTF sales, but if the $1,600.00 reserve is broken, you'll have to bid there to buy it.

    Here's a few pics.





    Peace and Grace

    Paul M. Pawlowski.

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