SOLD Springfield 1911A1

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by cyclesarge, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. cyclesarge

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    I just got this on trade and haven't even shot it yet. I was hoping I'd be able to keep it, but need to sell for funds for another project. I don't HAVE to sell, but the money would speed up the other project.

    Anyway, bout the gun. The previous owner said it was un-fired, which I can neither confirm nor deny 8) but it looks unfired (other than the factory test fire). The barrel is very clean. The reason I say I cannot say it is unfired is because it does have handling wear. It does have night sites but the previous owner blacked out the rear sights, I'll see if I can't fix that. For those unfamiliar with the Loaded model, it's well, LOADED. Forward charging serrations, enlarged ejection port, Novak style sights, skeletonized hammer, extended ambi-safeties, extended beavertail grip safety, lightweight adj. trigger, *etc. The previous owner also said it had a professional trigger job (with paper work to say so) but it feels about the same as my previous Loaded, though I am certainly NOT an expert when it comes to "trigger feel". This comes with the factory box, all paperwork, holster, mag holster, one factory mag and one other mag.

    $700 OBO
    New pics of actual gun.
    You can see the "handling marks", slight wear on front of slide, "idiot marks" on the frame from slide release, etc. This gun looks like it has been "fondled" some but not shot much.
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  2. shooter3brovo

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    Will this handgun take the standerd 1911 clips thanks
  3. swoop

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    Looks to be a standard size 1911 so I would say yep.
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