SOLDI am selling a brand new AR15. This is built on a Surplus Arms and Ammo stripped lower. Everything else is Del-Ton. The complete upper is factory assembled, headspaced and factory test fired. The upper also has a couple upgrades, it has a Chrome Lined (CL) barrel and the High Pressure Tested (HPT)/ Magnetic Particle inspected(MPI) bolt. I am asking $675 and mostly looking for cash but will entertain trade offers as well. If you are offering a trade please tell me what your proposed deal is. Don't make me guess what YOU think your gun is worth. Example " I have a WASR 10 I value @ $450, I'd like to trade that and $225 for your AR"

I'm in Eugene.

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A couple more pics. And a little more info to address some questions I've gotten. The gun comes as shown in the newest pictures (with the P Mag). It doesn't come with a rear sight, there are numerous options for sights and optics. If I were going to keep this I know what route I'd go, I COULD add sights if you wanted but it might not be what you want and would cost extra. I am not including any other extras, that you may or may not want, to keep the price low.

This is NOT a "chart" AR15, I understand that and the gun is priced accordingly. If you are SWAT, looking for a service weapon this is not the one for you. If you think buying the right AR will make you some kind of Navy SEAL or Delta operator, this is not the one for you.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced AR (that isn't a POS) to shoot and have fun with, this IS the one.

If you'd like to try out an AR platform without "breaking the bank" look no further.

I built this to be a "truck gun" that I could let others shoot, loan out, etc, without being too stressed out, but have decided I don't really need 4 ARs. I went with Del-Ton because of their reputation for making decent quality at an affordable price. I've seen some CHEAP ARs and this isn't one, it's affordable.

let me know if you are going to sell the lower, or are thinking about it with the other member. Let me know price wise what the difference is and i might be able to buy the upper then
What would you sell the upper for if the other guy buys the lower? That's the same AR that SAA was selling last week isn't it?

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