WTS/WTT OR [SOLD] Saiga 7.62x39 20" barrel, TAPCO upgrades, 3 mags, Russian made, now banned from import...

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    I bought this rifle in 2005, I'm the original owner. Always taken care of it, fired about 1,500-2,000 rounds. Will include the original stock.

    This one is particularly rare because of it's 20 inch barrel. Stamped, "Made in Russia by Izhmash" - these are now banned from import and the price will surely increase.

    I'm looking for $700 cash or a trade for a lighter weight AK 7.62x39 platform, such as a nice upgraded WASR.

    2, 30 round Promag magazines, 1 clear surefire magazine, 10 round factory magazine.

    WP_000503 (1).jpg WP_000501 (1).jpg WP_000498.jpg WP_000495 (1).jpg WP_000495 (1).jpg


    WP_000496 (1).jpg
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