SOLD-Ruger SP101, .357 Mag or .38 Spl, 3 inch barrel, Stainless-$380

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    SOLD--Ruger SP101, .357 Mag or .38 Spl with very low round count. Comes with box and manual as shown in pictures.

    The proverbial safe queen as I have owned since 1996 and have shot sparingly since I purchased for a back-up pistol and carried while Fishing/Hunting and Camping. A few minor use marks on frame from normal carry/use.
    Great Ruger quality and this pistol is no exception!

    Now for the Legalese:
    Please reply to add and I'll get back to you.
    Selling to Ore residents (21 & up) as per State and Fed regs. Those with an Oregon CHL will be first in line to purchase.
    Selling Face-to-face only.
    Seller and Buyer to show appropriate I.D. for the Bill of Sale.
    No trades at this time.
    $380 Cash
    Thank you...




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