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WTS OR Sold Reloading Equipment for sale Sold

Discussion in 'Reloading Classifieds' started by thebaddog, May 7, 2014.

  1. thebaddog

    thebaddog clackamas county New Member

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    SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Selling as 1 lot , not interested in separating at this time.
    Health issues forces sale, Please do not respond with emails as I don’t check email very often.
    SOLD includes the following

    RCBS single stage press
    MEC shotshell press
    Lyman scale
    Lyman universal trimmer

    RCBS 375 H&H mag die set
    RCBS 9mm luger carbide 3 die set
    RCBS 7.62x39 die set (.308/311)
    RCBS 308 win 2 die
    Lyman .45 auto DA die
    Lyman .45 acp FL die
    Lyman exp-ch die
    Lyman 1 set of shell holders #1-#10

    Remington #91/2 large rifle primers- approx 900
    Federal large pistol primers- approx 1300
    Federal shotshell primers- approx 25
    Winchester large rifle primers- magnum only-approx 850
    Winchester large pistol primers standard or magnum- approx 1000
    Winchester small pistol primers standard only- approx 1000

    1 lb. unopened Hodgdon HS-6 pistol/shotgun powder

    Misc brass/bullets, mostly 9mm. Guess about 120 mostly lead, about 20 JHP.
    About 100 9mm brass, and some .40 a few 30-06, some .45.The brass looks to be fired once.

    There are a few other misc items in these boxes. I bought this as a lot without the powder and 7.62x39 die set. I added those as they became available last year. I never used anything, they have been in boxes in my closet since I bought them. All the tools are used but appear to me to be functional. Don’t really know anything about reloading, I was going to learn with this equipment but now my health says otherwise. SOLD
    201456 Reloading Stuff 069.JPG 201456 Reloading Stuff 078.JPG 201456 Reloading Stuff 077.JPG

    201456 Reloading Stuff 069.JPG

    201456 Reloading Stuff 078.JPG

    201456 Reloading Stuff 077.JPG
    Last edited: May 10, 2014
  2. jghuwe

    jghuwe SE Portland Member

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    Am interested, where are you located?