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    Lorcin model L-380 in 380 Cal. One 8 round clip very dependable shooter around 350 rounds down the tube, comes with 3 boxes of shells (150 rounds). Warning does not like hollow points! $175.00 firm no trades. Yes I do know what these go for online and by the time you purchase one pay shipping and insurance transfer fees and background check this isn’t such a bad deal with no paper trail or red tape hassle. I will require a bill of sale Oregon residents only FTF. (NO EXCEPTIONS.)

    Hi all! :confused:
    I have received a couple of private messages so I thought I would reply here so we all are on the same page about this gun. I do know exactly what the gun is worth if I were a retailer or dealer in firearms, I am not! I also know that these guns have been known to be inexpensive, this one is not. Now I also know that given the times we are in and the fact that this gun comes with 150 + rounds of ammo about $40 + just for ammo, and if you were to purchase the gun online you have shipping and insurance transfer fees and background checks the price is not so bad without all the red tape and it is what it is. Value as you and I both know is what it is worth too the individual for personal hassle free protection. If you want Uncle Sam to know all the guns you have then go to the link below or your local gun dealer :paranoid:……………………………………

    Have a great day........:thumbup:

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