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    I bought and mounted this to my PAP M92 and had it to the range maybe half a dozen times. I tried all three different height/mount variations in an attempt to like it. It just hasn't happened. So, I've decided to let someone else try to love it.
    I'm selling it as it came new with all the accessories that typically come with it new, the box, manual, rubber bikini cover, magnifier lens, mounting hardware and lens cloth. You will also get the Butler Creek flip caps that I bought for it. The Butler Creek caps were the best thing I ever did to this Sparc and I think you'll agree that they are a huge improvement over the rubber bikini cover.
    See the pictures for what you'll get for your $100. The Sparc functions flawlessly, as if new and looks new. The only noticeable wear will be where I experimented and swapped out the different height mounts and mounting hardware. This unit operates like new but keep in mind that Vortex products are guaranteed for life and I hear Vortex has customer service that is second to none. I've never had to test it though, so that is a good sign in and of itself.
    $100 firm is a fair price so you must come to me to pick it up in North Everett. I may ship on your dime. I'm currently on a swing shift schedule so we will have to work around that factor as well. PM me if you're interested.



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