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SOLD OUT---NIB S&W Bodyguard + 2 boxes ammo for $440

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by ma96782, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. ma96782

    ma96782 Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    S&W Bodyguard, 380 ACP caliber--YES, it has a FACTORY built in red LASER.

    Product: BODYGUARD® 380

    Note the MSRP. OK, I've seen them in OR going for $400. But, since we are in WA well, I haven't seen one recently and besides, we have to pay a tax over on this side of the river.

    It's NEW IN THE BOX and I've never even loaded the magazine. It comes with everything here in the pictures.

    Note that it comes with 1 magazine. You get to choose between the finger rest or non-finger rest floor plate (both are included) for the magazine.

    And, I'm throwing in two (2) boxes of ammo.

    Why am I selling?

    OK....I realized that I got alot of 9mm ammo and I just don't want to carry a 380 ACP in my inventory/collection. This S&W Bodyguard would make a beautiful "pocket pistol." But, a 9mm might just suit me better.

    FTF, $440 cash sale. SOLD OUT. NO TRADES at this time. I will not ship. WA DL and CCW or other good proof that you're a WA resident and non-prohibited person will speed things along.

    Aloha, Mark
  2. Northwest Bob

    Northwest Bob Oregon Member

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    if you get to 400 let me know
  3. Camejas

    Camejas Vancouver New Member

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    PM Sent
  4. rob27

    rob27 lakewood New Member

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    wow I know I will catch heat for this post but I have seen enough on this forum.. People think their pistol magically become gold or something when they buy it... this pistol is availble brand new with the goodies except for the ammo for $329.00 at Quantico all day long... I see glocks selling for 100 over retail or for full retail after being used... I am sorry to the original poster that I chose his thread but Ive snapped..lol I absoulutly am done with the classifieds on this site...
  5. ma96782

    ma96782 Vancouver, WA Well-Known Member

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    I saw the price on a S&W Bodyguard just this weekend at Quantico (in Lakewood, WA). BTW, I didn't buy it there.

    So anyway.......

    Sales of this particular firearm and many other firearms at Quantico is currently restricted to only Active, Reserve and Retired Military, Law Enforcement and First Responders. As I recall, there was a sign to that effect.....right there in the showcase.....if you read it.

    What is Quantico's selling price to the general public? I don't know. But, you can ask them yourself. I can imagine that it'll be way higher than $329.00 all day long. Then again, do they even have any S&W Bodyguards available to sell to the general public? Well, I know that NONE were available for sale to the general public on that day. I asked.

    In other words........

    The general public can't get a S&W Bodyguard for $329.00 at Quantico all day long.

    As I've said in my post........I've seen the S&W Bodyguard in OR going for $400 (big box store and the sale was not restricted). But, as you know, it's not like a regular WA resident can just go across the border to OR pick up a handgun and bring it home to WA.

    So, what if?

    Let's imagine.........that a regular person in WA could find and get it for $400 in WA. Then, add in two boxes of 380 ACP, call it another $18 each, so the grand total is = $436. Then add taxes. Humm, doesn't your part of WA have a higher tax rate than here in Vancouver, WA? LOL, isn't it something close to 9.5%?


    $436 + Tax (at Vancouver's rate, 8.4%) = $472.624 Call it $472. But, I'm selling my NIB S&W (available right now in Vancouver, WA) with ammo for $440. Does that makes me a "bad guy?" Whatever, Bro.


    Even if you bought the gun in OR and had it shipped to your FFL in WA you'll be paying for FFL fees, shipping and WA taxes. OUCH!!!!!


    This is not an attempt to bring my thread back to the top. It's ME, CALLING YOU OUT over........


    Aloha, Mark

    +++++++++++IT'S SOLD+++++++++++
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2013
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