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I've got too many AR's so I gotta thin the herd. This one is a Mid Length heavy barrel. It has a complete Del-Ton upper, factory assembled, headspaced and test fired. It's a chromoly barrel, 1 in 9 twist, chambered in 5.56. The lower is a Surplus Arms and Ammo unit (made by Aero Precision, I believe) with a 6 position collapsable stock. Will include 1 PMag (as shown) and the rear sight (also shown, but will knock $25 if you don't need it). Looking for trades (+cash would be best right after Christmas:D) handguns mostly, possibly rifles (Mini 14, Bullpups, Beretta 9mm Carbine, Uzi (I'd add trade value), AK47, etc), may be interested in a smaller mig welder (110 volt would be best). I would also sell for $650 cash.
I am in Eugene Or.
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I can give 550 cash or I have a very nice Ak that i might be willing to part with. Is the gun in good working condition? please let me know asap
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