-SOLD- KAC RAS kit for DD anything

Discussion in 'Part & Accessory Classifieds' started by The B, Aug 6, 2010.

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    i'll trade my RAS kit, fairly well used but completely serviceable (it's still on my carry weapon) for pretty much any DD rail... preferably M4s, but Lites are cool too. omegas would be my last pick, but i'm not being sooper picky. looking to do a straight trade, i don't care what condition yours is in, so long as it's straight and not broken. if you want my RAS, but think your DD is worth more, maybe we can work something out there too. the RAS has some pretty minor scratches in the anodize, but it's not mangled nor particularly worn, as it's had railguards on pretty much always. the VFG is a little on the worn side, but still works fine- i've also recently painted it in Rustoleum textured brown paint, and havent used it since... it's nice and grippy, but i'll be happy to take all the paint off. the kit rail guards are mostly in good to NIB condition, but a couple show a bit of wear. i generally use XTMs, so the ribbed panels havent been used much. comes with the plastic holder thing.

    i accidentally tossed the charger cable for my camera, but i can painfully take pics with my PDA if you require them.
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