**SOLD** H&K USPc 9mm $800

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by JuddJc, Sep 17, 2012.

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    So I did it, I went and broke the cardinal rule. I purchased a gun with out firing it and as my luck would have it I don't like it :(

    So up for sale:

    HK USP V1 (safety and decocker left frame) Compact 9mm, purchased by me one week ago (NIB) and now has100 rounds through it. It sports a "BC" date code making it this years production.

    This gun has not been holstered and could easily go NIB by a less honest person. I paid $910 out the door and am asking $800 (FIRM), please no low balling :)

    Buyer must be willing to flash CPL or WAC and WA DL. Also be willing to sign bill of sale for my records.


    EDIT: When I say I don't like it, I should really be saying it does not like me. The gun is great, great quality, great accuracy etc. You know, its a HK, some may say its the Benz of the polymer pistol. It just does not feel right in my hand.
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