(SOLD) Gerber MarkII CT3 20th Anniversary issue

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    This is a great condition 1986 Gerber Mark II 20th Anniversary Edition Combat Knife. I happened to find it at a garage sale about 6 years ago so there is no box. There are not many of these left due to the fact people didn't know about the canted blade being part of the design, But its unique feature was the canted blade with a 5-degree offset. The offset would allow the blade to be carried in the boot, on the hip or in the small of back without snagging and aid in concealment. Also, the cant of the blade offset the natural wrist's tendency to raise the blade. The cant helped to keep the blade level for better penetration in a lunging move. The Gerber Mark II has a mystique as a "killing knife". And indeed it is more suited to killing than being used as an every-day tool.

    This knife is a faithful reproduction of the original, the blade being canted and made of the original L6 tool steel and the handle having the "Cat's Tongue" finish. In the 1970s, the military's base/post exchanges discontinued selling these knives, reasoning that they were "not in good taste" or "too brutal"

    #1925 of 5000 produced
    7 inch Blade 12 inch Total length
    $200 or trade for firearms


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