SOLD: Gen 4 Glock 29. Nearly new 10mm.

Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by EJ20Legacy, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Edit: SOLD. Thanks.

    I like 10mm a lot, I just chose a 29 when I should have chosen a 20! I got this for woods use -- you know, in case of bears and such while picking Huckleberries -- but have no plans to actually carry it in a concealed fashion (like in town). I was excited to do an extended (~6") Lone Wolf barrel, but it turns out they only do a 4.6" length one for the 29. I put 30 rounds through this gun and REALLY like it a whole lot! Much more controllable and easier to shoot than I expected, and I was extremely accurate with it. I just want the full-size since I'm not going to CCW with this.

    SO... I'm happy to sell for cash, or I'm willing to trade for a near-new Gen 4 G20 of even for a Gen 3 G20SF if the deal is right (maybe you have a couple extras, like a holster and aftermarket sights and the gun is in great condition?)

    Asking price is $675. No tax, no paperwork, but I will only sell private party to a buyer with a valid CPL that you are willing to show me.

    This coming week I'm driving from here in Spokane to the Gig Harbor area, so I'd be happy to meet up somewhere along the way.

    ...oh, I may also have a magazine sleeve that I can include with the sale. When running the full-size 15-round G20 mags in the G29, this sleeve fits over the mag and essentially extends the grip so it looks and feels just like a full-size G20 length grip. I ordered one up last week and it's supposed to be shipping to me very soon, but I haven't received it yet. Will include it if I get it in time.



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