SOLD Custom Bullpup AK74 Build SOLD

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by zombiegristle, Aug 2, 2011.

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  1. zombiegristle

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    This gun is SOLD.

    Will sell for $1000 cash, or looking for a Daewoo DR200 in trade. Will consider all trade offers, but that's the only gun I'm specifically looking for right now.

    This gun began life as a Nodak spud NDS-2 5.45x39mm AK. With the help of a gentleman who goes by the screen name "BobaDebt" on several fora, I've converted it into a bullpup rifle that cuts it close at 27.5" overall (legal minimum is 26"). The rifle now has quad rails, extremely sturdy as they are supported by the receiver where the lower handguard would be, the gas tube where the upper handguard would be, and the rear sight base. Also has a vertical foregrip mounted on the lower rail, giving it a very comfortable AUG-like feel with the dual grips. The rifle feels very comfortable and points naturally, and is well-balanced. I can easily aim and shoot this with one hand, and I am not a very strong guy. Also, the safety lever has been machined out to allow for a bolt hold-open. This is the only change that is irreversible, and it can be undone by simply replacing the lever for ten bucks.

    Rifle will come with black Magpul BUIS (real ones, not the ****ty PTS version), spare dustcover without polymer cheekrest, Ladder rail covers, seven surplus polymer mags with steel lugs and lips, and 520 of 7n6 surplus ball ammo fresh from a spam can. Rifle does NOT include the G2X or red dot sight pictured.



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  2. nforest

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    I wish you were in Oregon.
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