SOLD -- brass for sale (.223, 9mm, .380)

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    prices listed are for FTF transactions. I will mail anywhere and buyer pays shipping costs. All the brass is unprocessed (still has spent primers, not resized, etc...) but some has been tumbled.

    .223: 1000+ (Federal) headstam brass, shot once by me (originally 55gr TRU rounds). I have two bags of 500ct (one was counted, the other weighed) plus about 150-200 loose pieces of brass. These have crimped primers. $85

    9mm: 726 pieces, almost all are shot once by me. 15 random range pickups, 711 pieces are FC headstamp (56 nickel, the balance brass). A majority of this has been tumbled and looks clean, but is otherwise unprocessed. $30

    .380: 157 pieces mixed headstamp. $10

    pm me on this site if you're interested. I'm in the Oregon City area and can meet most anywhere in the PDX metro area if I have advanced notice.
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    Pm'd on 223 and 9mm

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