***** SOLD ***** AR-15, UM-1 Ultramatch Olympic Arms .223

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    Olympic Arms UM-1 Ultramatch AR-15, 20" Heavy Stainless (Black Matte) Barrel

    Receiver Material: 7075 T6 Aluminum Forged Receivers Machined By Olympic Arms
    Receiver Finish: Black Matte Anodized Receivers, Parkerized Steel Parts
    Action: Gas Operated Semi-automatic Action
    Upper Type: Flat top w/ picatinny rails
    Front Sight: Gas block w/ picatinny rails
    Handguard: Free floating aluminum tube w/ knurled surface
    Barrel: 20" bull Ultramatch, broach-cut, 416 stainless steel
    Chambering: .223 Remington
    Bore: Long-life non-chromed bore
    Twist Rate: 1x10
    Muzzle: Crown
    Stock: A2 w/ trapdoor
    Length: 38.125"
    Weight: 8.76 lbs

    • AC4 Pneumatic Buffer: Originally designed for military use, this recoil buffer replaces the standard recoil spring buffer found in AR15 rifles. This buffer is air-charged and tested to extremes without failure. Because it’s air-charged there are no messy leaks commonly found in similar hydraulic products which have historically failed over time. Widely used for CMP and hi-power rifles because the AC4 reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb providing reliability during matches. It also takes away the "twang" sound of the original buffer spring. (I will include the original spring and tube with the sale.)
    • Original Case and manual
    • Hogue Grip
    • 1x 20 round magazines (straight version)
    • 2x 5 round magazines
    • 1" Scope Rings

    Rifle has been fired 40 times. This was broken in properly, cleaning after each round for the first 20 rounds, then after each 5.

    I have two AR's and need the money for my .308 project.

    $1100 or partial trade. The ONLY trades I will consider at this time will be a Savage 10PC or Remington 700 SPS Tactical in .308win.

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