WTS OR SOLD.....AAC Blackout Flash Hider 1/2 X 28 non-mount $40.00

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    • I bought this to see if I liked as well as Smith Vortex . Turns out I'm a Vortex guy "for life"
    • I bought as new ( take-off from Daniel Defense ) I put 20 rds through it . Used like new , again this is the non-suppressor mount 1/2 x 28 5.56/223 . AAC neck and neck with Vortex for hiding flash signature ( check out you tube lowlight/dark videos to get general idea. I am picky though and preferred the LOOK " geez " of the Vortex better.
    • Asking $40.00 OBO ONLY TRADE SMITH VORTEX 5.56 , FTF available Molalla , Woodburn , OR City Shipping upon request payment via USPS MO , PayPal Gift , PayPal discreet + 3.5%

    Colt 6920's 017.JPG
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