WTS OR SOLD $175 Sony Blu-ray Home Theater System (wifi and remote rear speakers)

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    OK I got a sony Blu-ray Home Theater System I need out of my garage, used about 18 months, everything works great!

    Still selling for $390 at amazon I paid more for that at costco when I got it.

    Link at Amazon

    (small chance this is not the correct one in the link, looks just like it and what a search come up with when I look for the model number on the base unit HBD-T79)

    I am asking $175 because I am firm at $150 so make me an offer as long as it is $150 and in albany, if I have to deliver price gets closer to $175 (want $150 in my pocket when all is over and done with)

    Thanks for looking!

    ps no paperwork or manuels because I can't find them but easy setup (what you see below is what you get)

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